What is the calculation and quotation method for metal stamping parts?


In metal stamping, the quotation of metal stamping part […]

In metal stamping, the quotation of metal stamping parts is a particularly important thing besides production. The company's production is mainly for profit, and it needs to strictly control production. In addition, quotation is also an indispensable job. Only scientific quotation and high-quality products can make enterprises obtain good benefits. This article mainly introduces the method of quoting the processing cost of pressed parts for everyone to understand.

Development evaluation No matter what kind of process quotation is made, development evaluation must be carried out before quotation, which is one of the essential links. Development evaluation: stamping parts positioning, output forecast, technical feasibility. It also includes whether it can meet the technical requirements, whether the quality is available, whether the materials and outsourcing parts are available, whether the equipment has been used or newly purchased, and the company's current capabilities

And whether the manpower load is sufficient. The evaluation result determines whether the development will continue.

First, the quotation content of metal stamping parts

The quotation of stamping parts mainly involves the following aspects: material cost, profile mold fee, stamping die fee, fixture fee, stamping fee, processing fee (such as CNC processing, etc.), surface treatment (such as oxidation, coating, silk screen, spraying, surface Galvanized, etc.)

Second, itemized quotation of metal stamping parts

1 Material cost: unfold the part, calculate the length of the part, and then use the formula L(mm)*W(mm)*H(mm)*G/cm) *unit price (yuan/kg)*1.1-1.2)/10 to calculate the material cost non metallic conduit.

2 Stamping mold fee: According to the shape of the part, estimate the mold area, place 5cm on one side margin, and place 3-5cm in height. The standard of the mold frame is inspected according to the mold size.

3 Printing costs: calculated by tonnage. (0.8≤1) yuan/60 tons, 1.2 yuan/80 tons.

4 Fixture fee.

5 Machining costs.

6 Surface treatment cost: oxidation 0.6 yuan/dm; painting; screen printing; spraying; surface galvanizing.

7 Gross profit: control between 20-30%.

Third, the processing fee quotation for metal stamping

1 Confirm the blank price of the product. The weight of the blank can be obtained by the width, step and thickness of the group blank. According to the selling price of this material in the market, we can get the material price of the product.

2 Confirmation of pulse charge, a product is composed of multiple processes, and each process can use a different tonnage press. The price of beer machines of different tonnages is roughly 16T-0.06, 25T-0.08, 35T-0.1 yuan, 45t-0.12 yuan, 60t-0.15 yuan, 80t-0.2 yuan, 110t-0.25 yuan, 160t-0.30 yuan, 200t- 0.50 yuan, 200t (double shaft)-0.60 yuan, 250t (

Dual axis) -0.90 yuan.

3 Total price = stamping cost per ton of material, but please note that the scrap rate in production is very high, and post-processing, electroplating, brushing and screws should also be paid attention to after production. Studs need to be considered.

Let's explain here about the calculation and quotation methods of the hardware stamping parts, so our quotation money needs to be evaluated to make a reasonable quotation.