Vision: Become a competitive enterprise in the plastics industry

- Meet customer requirements, manufacture quality products, and win the trust of customers

- Efforts to improve enterprise status influence, make the staff has the sense of honor to win the trust of employees

- We are a responsible company, returning to society with good results and winning social trust.


- At a reasonable price and sincere cooperation, we will provide customers with quality products and services to win the future together.

- Efforts to build quality,seriously do a good job in every link is the enterprise survival road

values values:

- Integrity:Abide by the constitution of the People's Republic of China and the provisions,maintenance system of enterprise

- Honesty:Good faith Personal integrity work for enterprises with good credit, and must be provided as a business

- Cooperation:Open a win-win mentality and vision, solidarity and cooperation to reach goals together.

- Innovation:Innovation is the soul of the survival of enterprises to provide higher value for users,dare to change and breaks through the old restrictions

Operation Principle:

- Pay more attention to long-term interest,not anchored a mess of pottage

- Good at listening to customer suggestions,able to accept and improve reasonably

Management concept:

- Fully trust and respect for the staff, everyone is equal

-Give the good working environment and play a platform for staff to motivate work potential.

- Train personnel vocational moral sentiment, become a talent with quality and competent


Talent Development:

Ever since its foundation,Xiatao Plastic Industry attracted many talents and harvest a lot of valuable wealth.We attaches great importance to the employees' development,people oriented and attaches great importance to the talent strategy,the enterprise will arrange good staffs who have many years experience for training when the new employee orientation. Improve the ability to work better by helping employees to promote employees and the common development of the enterprise

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