What should the metal stamping factory pay attention to?


When a factory operates a punch press, how can it not b […]

When a factory operates a punch press, how can it not be guaranteed that the punch press is completely qualified, and where does safety start? There are mainly the following requirements for equipment:

1. The punch runs well
A good punch is the foundation of safe production. The lubrication of the punch must be normal; the copper bushes must not be excessively worn; the tightness of the brake must be within the normal range; the clutch and control system are flexible; the bolts of each part must not be loose;

2. Install safety grating
After the safety grating is installed, if the puncher's hands or other items that affect safety enter the dangerous area, the punch will be stopped in an emergency; in the shutdown state, the punch cannot be started.

3. Reasonable switch design
It is necessary to design two start switches and an emergency stop switch, and the two start switches must be a certain distance apart. As long as the stamper presses the two start switches at the same time to start the machine; the emergency stop switch cannot be too far away from the stamper. Otherwise, when a situation arises, the worker cannot stop the punch immediately.

4. Reasonable design of stamping die
If the punch is the first element of safe production, then the stamping die is the second element. The production of stamping parts relies on stamping dies, so whether the design of stamping dies is reasonable plays a vital role in safety. Whether it is convenient to discharge and return the material smoothly all affect the safety of the factory during operation. When designing the mold, it must be possible to ensure that the factory can easily use tools to discharge and unload.

5. Safety tools must be used
During the stamping process, it is absolutely forbidden to let the hand enter the working area of ​​the mold, which requires the use of safety tools to complete the work of unloading and unloading. The safety tools that are often used now are magnet type, suction cup type and tweezers.

6. Establish a safety management system and punch operation manual
Stamping factories must carry out safety training for stamping workers from time to time, so that the concept of safe production can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Help stampers to establish safe operating habits.