What should metal stamping workers pay attention to?


1. Maintain a good mental state When operating the punc […]

1. Maintain a good mental state
When operating the punch, you must maintain a good mental state, and you must not operate the punch when the mental state is not good. If you have any concerns, you must ask the factory for leave or transfer to another position.

2. Ensure concentration
In the process of work, you can't talk to others, let alone look at your cell phone or make calls. Nor can they engage in anything that has nothing to do with operating the punch.

3. Calm attitude
When the material is not discharged smoothly or the product is stuck in the mold Zinc die casting Manufacturers, you must calmly stop the machine and do not be impatient.

4. It is strictly forbidden to enter the work area by hand
Ninety percent of accidents involving punching machines are caused by workers entering the work area with their hands. Under no circumstances should their hands enter the work area. This is the first guarantee of safety for stamping workers! Manual safety tools must be used!

5. Learn company safety regulations and operation manuals
Frequently learn the safety production specifications and systems formulated by the company and establish safety production awareness.