What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy heat sinks compared to other heat sinks?


Are aluminum alloy heat sinks superior to other heat si […]

Are aluminum alloy heat sinks superior to other heat sinks? Most of the electronic products currently in use are equipped with an aluminum alloy heat sink. Its role is not only to build a complete and solid frame of electronic products, but also to help the internal CPU to dissipate heat. , To ensure a safe and secure working environment when electronic products are in operation.

This traditional heat dissipation method uses aluminum alloy to conduct internal heat to the air for heat dissipation. It has always had a good effect. However, with the development of technology, new types of radiators have appeared in our field of vision one after another, such as the wind. Cold radiators and water-cooled radiators. These active radiators have more obvious heat dissipation effects and are gradually being favored by many people.

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In this case, recalling the traditional aluminum alloy heat sink, many people feel that the advantage is not obvious, and there is no need to use it. But is this really the case? Can traditional aluminum alloy heat sinks really only be eliminated in the face of new radiators? Let's analyze them in depth.

The operation of air-cooled radiators and water-cooled radiators relies on the drive of electric energy. The heat dissipation effect is indeed a little known, but their installation also depends on the reasonable application of the electronic product space. Today's electronic products are pursuing thin and light, and if you want to install air-cooled or water-cooled inside, not only the installation technology is very demanding, but it is not easy to pursue the thin and light volume, so the price will often be lower. Relatively high. Another more affordable and effective method is external air cooling, but in this case, the role of aluminum alloy heat sink is indispensable, because air-cooled heat dissipation is to dissipate the heat from the electronic surface to the air faster, if there is no aluminum alloy With the existence of the heat sink, the internal heat cannot be dissipated, and the air-cooled radiator has no practical value.

Are aluminum alloy heat sinks superior to other heat sinks? From the above, it is not difficult to find that although the new type of heat sink has advantages in terms of heat dissipation, it still has shortcomings in terms of convenience. Achieve better results.