• Installing The Junction Box

    Installing The Junction Box

    Professionals usually recommend installing a junction box by bringing a new wire from the main electrical panel to the box rather than tapping off an existing electrical box. This is done to avoid circuit overload, which is important in order to protect against threat of a potential electrical fire.... Read More

    20-03-2020 News
  • What Junction Boxes Do

    What Junction Boxes Do

    A junction box performs several essential functions: Encloses the wiring connections and protects them from physical damage Provides a means for mounting the electrical device and securing the electrical cable(s) serving the device Prevents accidental contact with live wires and terminals Protects a... Read More

    28-03-2020 News
  • Safety When Working With Junction Box

    Safety When Working With Junction Box

    Always turn off the power prior to working on a junction box. You don't want to be the unlucky person who comes across a highly dangerous hot wire. Also, don't just guess which breaker switch controls the room you're working in. Instead, hit the main breaker so that there will be no question at all ... Read More

    03-04-2020 News
  • Devices Don't Need Junction Boxes

    Devices Don't Need Junction Boxes

    Often known as a junction box, the special metal or plastic box includes a cover to protect the wiring within and protect you from the wiring. The first clue that a device is designed to be used without a junction box is that it has its own complete housing. And it generally will not have any wire l... Read More

    08-04-2020 News